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Professional Experience

I have gained over 18 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. I trained and worked in public mental health services and in student counselling centers. For the last 12 years I have been working in private practice, seeing clients experiencing a wide range of difficulties, both acute and longstanding. Throughout these years I helped my clients to cope with the various challenges of adult life; self-image, career development, interpersonal and intimate relationships, parenting, and coping with crisis and change, to name a few.

My work in the public and private sector provided me with experience in working with several mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety (general as well as panic disorder and social anxiety), eating disorders, trauma, and bereavement. I have also worked with clients suffering from various personality disorders, helping them to maintain everyday functioning and well-being.


Finally, my degree in organisational psychology and previous work as an organisational consultant have been highly beneficial in my work with professionals who are coping with the stress of work. I combine my clinical and organisational experience to help with issues such as work-life balance, career choice and change, and work-based conflicts.

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