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For adults

There are so many reasons to start therapy, but they all have in common the need to feel better, to overcome difficulties and to cope more easily with life’s challenges. In my practice, I offer a safe place, a pause in the intensity of life’s constant demands, in which you can feel acknowledged and understood, yet also challenged to know yourself better.

My main approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic which focuses on a deep exploration of conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality. By expanding self-knowledge and understanding of past and present experiences, we will attempt to make sense of your current difficulties and ease emotional pain. In psychodynamic work, insight into the source of one’s distress is the driving force for change and improvement. 


I truly believe that at the core of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. The gradual building of trust, the ongoing curiosity and concern for the client’s difficulties and the deep commitment to the process of healing. I therefore aim to be flexible in my practice and to tailor the therapeutic approach and my clinical experience to the client’s needs.

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